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  1. Official address, telephone(s), fax number(s) and email address and / or website of the Sports Association;
  2. List of applicant Association’s officers, their offices and residential addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email address, dale of election, term of office;
  3. List of membership roster on a national level with their offices and residential addresses, telephone and/ or fax numbers;
  4. Board resolution authorizing signatory officer to apply for POC membership, cite regular, associate, or recognize;
  5. Constitution and By-Laws of the applicant sporting Association and SEC Registration Certificate;
  6. Certificate of membership with pertinent IOC recognized International Federation (IF) covering the sport unless the pertinent IOC recognized IF requires that the applicant Sports Association be accepted first by the local National Olympic Committee (NOC). An official communication from the IF will have to be presented to the Membership Committee attesting to this requirement, for regular membership applicant an IOC recognition is necessary;
  7. Notarized affidavit stating that applicant Sports Association is the only legitimate and governing sports association with membership nationwide to represent their sports with the Philippine Olympic Committee. This provision shall apply dependent on the peculiarity of the sporting event.
  8. Documenting evidences showing that applicant Sports Association have held at least two annual National Championships. List of duly certified participants, results and photos, and press releases of the Championships to be attached.
  9. Affidavit of publication from the publisher of three (3) major daily newspapers of general circulation and a copy of the publication stating the following:
    1. That the applicant Sports Association is applying for membership with the Philippine Olympic Committee;
    2. That if there are many other Sports body who claims to represent the same in the Philippines. objection to the application for membership of the applying Sports Association should be presented before the POC Membership Commission within a period of fifteen (15) days from the date of publication.


Approval by the POC for regular or associate membership shall be provisional for a period of one (1) year pending a review of their performance in national and international activities.

Membership to the POC is subject to approval of the general assembly a pawn recommendation of the Membership Commission upon the complete submission of the above-mentioned documents.

Applicant should complete the above-mentioned day before application will be considered by the POC Membership Commission.

  1. An applicant should not have as President an incumbent member NSA President
  2. Minutes of last board meeting applying for membership to POC
  3. Applicants for membership or accreditation shall be required to pay the following fees:

13.1 Application Fee for

13.1.1 Regular Membership PHP 50, 000.00

13.1.2 Associate Membership PHP 50, 000.00

13.1.3 Accreditation as Recognized Sport PHP 50, 000.00

13.2 Membership Fee upon approval as:

13.2.1 Regular Member       PHP 25, 000.00

13.2.2 Associate Member    PHP 25, 000.00

13.2.3 As POC Recognized Sports PHP 25, 000.00

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